• Dermatology

    In the field of dermatologic medicine, Paradigm has designed and implemented CME/CE activities focused on a wide variety of areas, including, but not limited to, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, actinic keratosis, onychomycosis, pemphigus vulgaris, and tinea pedis. Below is a selection of our most recent enduring CME/CE offerings.

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Integrating Systemic Biologics into Treatment Plans for Patients with Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis

Release Date: March 1, 2018
Expiration Date: March 1, 2019
Format: 3-Part Multimedia Web Initiative


Diagnosis and Treatment of Pemphigus Vulgaris: Strategies for Optimal Multidisciplinary Care

Release Date: August 31, 2017
Expiration Date: August 31, 2018
Format: Interactive Video Webinar


New Pathways to Clearer Skin: Individualizing Treatment in Psoriasis

Release Date: July 31, 2017
Expiration Date: July 31, 2018
Format: Interactive Web Monograph


Emerging Therapies in the Treatment of Mild-to-Moderate Atopic Dermatitis

Release Date: July 14, 2017
Expiration Date: July 14, 2018
Format: Interactive Video Webinar


Bringing Evidence into Practice: Psoriasis Management in the Age of Newer Biologics

Release Date: April 20, 2017
Expiration Date: April 21, 2018
Format: Interactive Audio Webinar