• Internal Medicine

    Paradigm has designed and implemented CME/CE activities for internal medicine and primary care clinicians in a variety of areas, including, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, hyponatremia, and thrombosis. Below is a selection of our most recent enduring CME/CE offerings.

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Monitoring the Clues in the Diagnosis and Management of PF-ILD

Release Date: December 8, 2020
Expiration Date: December 8, 2021
Format: Interactive Audio Webinar With Whiteboard Animations


The Many Faces of High-Risk Influenza: Best Practices for Recognition and Treatment

Release Date: November 16, 2020
Expiration Date: November 16, 2021
Format: Interactive Webinar


Past, Present, and Future: Biomarkers for ADPKD

Release Date: January 24, 2020
Expiration Date: January 24, 2021
Format: Interactive Video Webinar


Dispelling the Myths of Influenza Management

Release Date: December 19, 2019
Expiration Date: December 19, 2020
Format: Interactive Video Webinar


Diabetes Prime Time: Glycemic Variability, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, and Postprandial Glucose Management

Release Date: December 3, 2019
Expiration Date: December 3, 2020
Format: On-Demand Web Activity